6 People in Apologetics You Didn't Realize Are Minnesota Local

A few states are known as "hotspots" for people in Christian Apologetics - California, Texas, and North Carolina all contain some of the most well-known people in the world engaged in the Apologetics enterprise.

A midwest state like Minnesota is not perceived as this sort of "hotspot", but it's still home to a few people in Apologetics you may know about.

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Here is a list of 6 people involved in defending the Christian worldview through Apologetics, who you might not have realized are local to Minnesota:

1. Gregory Boyd

Gregory is probably the most well-known person on this list, especially due to his book Letters from a Skeptic, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. That's not the only book he wrote though - he's got around 20 out there, and shows no signs of slowing down. He's also the lead pastor at one of the largest churches in Minnesota, where he occasionally preaches about Apologetics-related topics. Greg’s most recent Apologetics series was on the alleged conflict between science and faith, which you can still watch online.

2. Timothy Mahoney

Timothy is a filmmaker who made waves in the movie industry with two feature films - Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, and The Moses Controversy. These films have grossed over $1.5 million in the box office, and both were developed by Tim's team by Thinking Man Films, an organization with headquarters in the middle of the Twin Cities metro. They use Apologetics to encourage people to look at information and evidence from all sides, knowing this kind of investigation often draws people closer to Christ. The team has numerous future plans they're excited to implement both in Minnesota and nation wide.

3. Jeff Siemon

Jeff Siemon has quite the incredible background. He was drafted to the Minnesota Vikings and had a hugely successful NFL career, being voted in to four Pro Bowls. After Jeff retired from football, he earned a degree in Christian Apologetics and went on to lead impactful ministries in Minnesota. In particular, he was the Minnesota division director of Search Ministries, an organization that puts on events to encourage discussion on the ultimate issues of life. Jeff has now retired from that position and resides in his home in Minnesota. Bonus fun fact: Jeff is a long-time friend of Gary Habermas, one of the leading experts in the history behind the resurrection of Jesus.

4. Michael Wise

If you want to learn more about the Dead Sea Scrolls, you go to Michael Wise... he is truly an expert on the topic. Back in the 90s he wrote the book The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, which has been translated into seven foreign languages. And the cool thing is, opportunities are aplenty to get teaching from Michael in Minnesota. He's a professor at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul, and also teaches classes open to the public in local churches.

5. David Clark

David Clark has partnered with many people in Apologetics over the years. For example, he co-authored a book with the late Norm Geisler about Pantheism, and has even written his own general Apologetics book. He is now the head of an Apologetics-based program at a local Seminary, and is looking to share some of his Apologetics lectures online in the future.

6. Steven Worthey

Steven is actual one state over in Wisconsin, but we'll take him in as a friendly neighbor! He is the founder of Standardized Apologetics, a thriving online ministry that releases original content on a near-daily basis. The ministry has been expanding its YouTube library, and is especially known for its funny and insightful memes. Steven teaches Apologetics regularly at his church and is also looking to expand his speaking to other parts of the country.

While Minnesota is not exactly known as a big-time stomping ground for people engaged in Apologetics, there are certainly many local people that God has been using to make an impact on our culture. It will be exciting to see what God continues to do through their lives, and through the lives of numerous other people that could be included on this list.