How Can Christians Stay Current with Apologetics?

After sharing our blog post 33 Reasons Why We Need Apologetics on Instagram, a Christian replied with the following question:

“What is a way to stay current with Apologetics? Especially with this new Atheism going on.”

This is a great question to ask. I mean, we could provide Christians with a snippet of information on one topic. But to stay on track with objections to Christianity dominating our culture and how to respond to those objections - that adds significantly more value for Christians when done on a consistent basis.

With that high value in mind, I responded with the following:

“Honestly a big thing is to follow people/pages that put out consistent, high-quality content. That way, you’ll be built up in multiple areas over time (such as being able to respond to New Atheism).

Of course our group (Twin Cities Apologetics) is an example of sharing consistent content - here (Instagram), on our Facebook page, and on our website. But there are plenty of others as well.”

I then proceeded to provide my top recommendations for pages and people to follow on social media platforms. And now, I present these recommendations to you.


Before I begin, I must say that my recommendations will only provide a “starter pack”, rather than a comprehensive list of great Apologetics pages and people you can learn from. I am bound to leave many excellent recommendations out.

I’ll list out the recommendations by social media platform, after explaining the advantage of each platform.


The platform that best brings multiple forms of media into one place, and also great for discussion

  1. Capturing Christianity - One of the fastest growing Apologetics pages on Facebook, and for good reason. Page creator Cameron Bertuzzi provides insightful thoughts and discussion opportunities throughout the day, along with unique content such as a comprehensive list of Apologetics terms.

  2. Inspiring Philosophy - Run by a Christian whose intellect can be called, well, inspiring. This page has content ranging from funny memes for quick thoughts to engaging videos that dive deep into history.

  3. Free Thinking Ministries - The ministry of Tim Stratton, who puts heavy focus on defending libertarian free will. This topic can be an important one in discussions about the nature of man and the existence of God. Plenty of other topics are included.

  4. Standardized Apologetics - A growing page which shares visually appealing and helpful graphics, along with an expanding video collection addressing some of the top issues in our culture regarding truth. It doesn’t hurt that founder Steven Worthey is our “neighbor” - just a state away in Wisconsin.


Seriously the place to be on social media these days. Photos, stories, a new video platform - there is plenty to digest here.

  1. Apologetics Central - As far as I know, this is the largest Apologetics page specifically made for Instagram. Lots of quotes and deep content to learn from here.

  2. Apologetics_ - A similar sized page with longer quotes and more memes with helpful caption commentary.

  3. New York Apologetics - Has visually stunning content that will certainly make you think on a near-daily basis.


The best place to find links to articles addressing the main objections to Christianity. Note that I could recommend any of these people for the other social media platforms as well.

  1. J Warner Wallace - This guy is a BEAST on Twitter. He shares a different Apologetics article just about every hour, from a variety of writers. You simply need to follow him.

  2. Frank Turek - Basically the page for Frank’s ministry CrossExamined (by the way - their website is another big recommendation). Pretty similar to J Warner in that articles and videos are shared often, especially from the CrossExamined website.

  3. Sean McDowell - The page for Apologist Sean McDowell, who is the son of one of the most recognized apologists of all-time (Josh McDowell). He shares consistent content similar to the other two pages, but also stands out for sharing his Apologetics tip of the day which are helpful for aspiring Christian Apologists.

BONUS: Podcasts

I didn’t have these recommendations in my original Instagram reply, but they are so important for keeping up-to-date on Christian arguments, I just couldn’t leave them out of this post.

  1. Stand To Reason - This podcast is absolutely required listening for Christians. Host Greg Koukl gives commentary on the most pressing issues affecting Christianity in our culture today, and responds to callers who ask about objections to Christianity they come across in their everyday conversations.

  2. Reasonable Faith - These are short (about 20 minute) commentaries from William Lane Craig, perhaps the best Christian debater in the world. He reflects on debates he has and dives into some deep commentary about our culture.

  3. Let My People Think - Ravi Zacharias is the most well-known apologist in the world, and I can’t let this post go by without recommending him at least once. Insightful storytelling is guaranteed in these podcasts.

  4. Unbelievable? - This podcast comes out of the U.K. and pits a Christian against (typically) a non-Christian each week. A different topic is discussed each time. By listening, you’re bound to get caught up on some of the main arguments for and against Christianity that people are talking about today.

You might look at these lists and think - “Wait, why are you promoting all these pages? Wouldn’t you want to just promote your ministry instead?” I would say, absolutely not. The more Christians team up to share the truth about God with others, the better.

I admire the example set by people like J Warner Wallace and Frank Turek, who share other people’s stuff more than they share their own. Doing so helps Christians like the one who asked the question to prompt this post - people who are looking to stay up to date on Apologetics issues so that they can be ready to give a defense for the hope they have in Jesus.