Twin Cities Apologetics Leaders: Matthew Slama (Left) and Jeremy Linn (Right)

Twin Cities Apologetics Leaders: Matthew Slama (Left) and Jeremy Linn (Right)

About Twin Cities Apologetics

Twin Cities Apologetics provides an outlet for Christian Apologetics discussion and engagement in the Minnesota cities Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Christian Apologetics involves a defense of the Christian faith through the sciences, theology, history, philosophy, and other important areas of life.

Twin Cities Apologetics aims to:
DIVE into the truth claims of Christianity and other viewpoints
DEFEND the validity of the Christian faith
DIALOGUE with people in the Twin Cities about the most important topics in life

The group meets every other Wednesday for DIVE meetings, where we dive into deep topics about Christianity and other viewpoints.

We also release Apologetics videos, blog posts, and other content. Currently we are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See the links below for access to other Twin Cities Apologetics pages:






Jeremy Linn

Jeremy is an accountant for a law firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's also going to Bethel Seminary for a graduate degree in a program called Christian Thought (basically Apologetics!). Outside of Apologetics, Jeremy enjoys sports, playing guitar, and making videos.


Matthew Slama


Matt is an engineer who primarily works to understand what standards should be used for engineering science. In other words, his job is all about establishing what is true when it comes to science. Pretty crazy, huh? Matt believes there is a strong connection between engineering and apologetics. He's going to grad school to get another Engineering degree